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A School for Transformation

O&O Academy

O&O Academy is founded by two generations of spiritual leaders. Sri Amma Bhagavan who are renowned world over as Avatars and their son and daughter in law Krishnaji & Preethaji who are recognized as modern philosopher sages, have come together to create this magnificent school for transformation of consciousness.

Sri Amma Bhagavan created Oneness University as a way of transformation through the power of divine and Krishnaji & Preethaji created One World Academy as a way to transformation through the power of consciousness. O&O is a coming together of both these powers.

At O&O Academy Seekers undertake a profoundly transforming inward journey from living in ‘i-consciousness’ to ‘one consciousness’. As one evolves on this path of Awakening, life overflows with abundance, possibilities become realities, relationships are built with love, and organizations are directed by a spiritual vision. The Seeker’s journey culminates in becoming a Philosopher Teacher who serves as guiding light to the world.