Ekam mitras have taken up the magnificent initiative of spreading waves of calm in people’s noisy lives every Sunday. Let us all soul sync this Sunday at Vizag beach.  


HOW TO DRAW ABUNDANCE INTO OUR LIVES? PREETHAJI AND KRISHNAJI’S EKAM ABUNDANCE FESTIVAL HOLDS THE SECRETS. Let’s begin with an interesting story, many of you perhaps know; But hear to

The group was immersed in the teachings and soaked it all up gratefully. “It was such a beautiful event!” says Erin and Helen.

It was a course for 43 people who came from all over the province of Saskatchewan. It was an experience of great joy, great participation and the emergence of a

Krishnaji the founder of O&O Academy, while landing the Self Knower level 2, One Consciousness Business Circle participants into a direct personal experience of the transcendental said, “The states you