Individual consciousness and world consciousness are not separate. What happens to the world will affect the individual & what happens to the individual affects the world. Individual and the world

EWPF – What is Great Peace?

Great Peace is when you awaken to your innate oneness with all that is. In Great Peace, the illusion of a separate self ceases to be. You experience the universe

What is Peace?

Peace is such a celebratory experience. Every one of us longs for a peaceful life every day, though some among us might seek for it in the afterlife. What is

What is Calm?

Calm is the absence of stress. Whenever life becomes a taskmaster and chases us with its ever-increasing demands, what we experience is an inner agitation. And calm is that inner

For A Beautiful State

My first experience of meditation was when I was 17. I tried focusing intensely on the tip of my nose, after the first 2 minutes I began to doubt if

What is Dynamic Peace?

I experienced a state of Dynamic Peace when I for the first time experienced the great liberation or freedom from inner suffering. It was a great coming together of liberative