Just as the name says, ONE … ONE with the universe

I am on day 5 of Ekam and experiencing a complete and joyful rearranging of the unconscious and conscious residues of past karma and events, of present obstacles and any

Years of fear and resentment have vanished

There was a major incident happened in my life 19 years ago, which caused great impact and harm to me and my family, and as a result, there were a

Limitless Field Mediation with Preethaji, transported me into a space of expansion where I felt no Separation …

Hello I want to share the experience that has been to be in this Field of Abundance in Buenos Aires Argentina. Being in the presence of Preethaji and the faculty

Feel the Grace Yourself … one and only Ekam

Namaste, I am Jaya Kurup from Mumbai. I attended the process at EKAM for 3 days along with my husband Vijay. We stayed in the cottage at Campus 4. Staying there

I have A New Life

I attended 3 days seeker’s process in Ekam & I stayed in campus 4 during this time. The stay was very comfortable as the people around the campus 4 &