Preethaji & Krishnaji’s

Couples Course

Heal your hearts and awaken to enduring love

September 04th to September 10th

As a couple you will Learn 7 eternal principles for enduring love from Preethaji & Krishnaji’s life. An awareness of these eternal principles will lay a foundation for a love that will last.

As a couple you will experience powerful mystic journeys of love at Ekam. You may have been to many adventures together. But the greatest adventure you can take together is into consciousness.

As a couple you Heal your hearts and discover a love that can end your challenges.
Everyone of us is bruised and are afraid to lovingly trust one another; therefore we live jaded with life. Unless our hearts are healed innocence and passion cannot return into our lives.

Awaken to a spiritual connection you have never experienced before.
Can love withstand changes in circumstances, changes in appearances, changes in values ? Love can if the heart is established in a state of spiritual connection.

Learn the wisdom of becoming a great parent creating a greater destiny for your child.
Whether you are seeking to be a parent or are already a parent but want to participate in the greater destiny of your child; this journey is a must.

This is a course that happens only once a year.
First time ever, a gift from Preethaji & Krishnaji exclusively for couples.