The purpose of our courses is to create you into a Buddha who is driving a Benz with loved ones. On these inner journeys, you will awaken inwardly to an extraordinary consciousness and outwardly manifest a life of great abundance and love.

The Mystic Course

The Mystic course is a 7 day journey to access the limitless power of the universe to turn possibilities into realities. It is a journey not for betterment or improvement; it is about an emergence.

Field Of

4 day journey in consciousness taught by Sri Preethaji to awaken to transformed partnered relationship, parenting, wealth creation & a new sense of self.

One Consciousness Leaders Circle

Mentoring by Sri Krishnaji to nurture intuitive leaders who access universal intelligence, conscious leaders who experience a connected consciousness & wise leaders who create and contribute to greater abundance and well being in society.

One Consciousness Business Courses

Intimate spiritual learning for business leaders & budding entrepreneurs for being in the flow as you create wealth, mentor teams & celebrate relationships with inner effortlessness.

Ekam Circle Training

Ekam circles are places of power that are energetically connected to ekam.

Meditation & Wisdom Teachers Training

The greatest and the most nuanced meditation & wisdom training perfectly suited for the stresses of modern life.

World Peace Festival

Over a million people come together from 100 nations of the world for world peace.

Enlightenment Festival

Experience the ultimate human potential at Ekam, celebrate & honour the true spirit of enlightenment or awakening.


Here Beautiful States are a happening. Transcendence is a happening. Mental peace is a happening. Here grace overpowers fate.


Awaken to the power to change self and society. Love yourself and another. Explode with creativity and joy. Go past limitations and explore new dimensions in consciousness. Birth A New You!

beautiful state

Experience peace with yourself, harmony with the other and amity at work. Simple meditations, scientific understanding, transforming insights and loving community.


A meditative experience to releasing stress from body & mind. A unique combination of ancient methodology and modern wisdom.

Abundance Festival

Purify deep seated Poisons from your consciousness that cause scarcity & receive the gift of 28 transcendental treasures for a life of true abundance.