The purpose of our courses is to create you into a Buddha who is driving a Benz with loved ones. On these inner journeys, you will awaken inwardly to an extraordinary consciousness and outwardly manifest a life of great abundance and love.

Field Of

4 day journey in consciousness taught by Preethaji to awaken to transformed partnered relationship, parenting, wealth creation & a new sense of self.

Meditation & Wisdom Teachers Training

The greatest and the most nuanced meditation & wisdom training perfectly suited for the stresses of modern life.

PK Leaders Circle

Mentoring by Krishnaji to nurture intutive leaders who access universal intelligence, conscious leaders who experience a connected consciousness & wise leaders who create and contribute to greater abundance and well being in society.

One Consciousness Business Courses

Intimate spiritual learning for businesss leaders & budding entrepreuners for being in the flow as you create wealth, mentor teams & celebrate relationships with inner effortlessness.

One Consciousness Awakening Courses

A radically life transforming and magical journey into Abundance, Transformation, Transcendence and Oneness.

Abundance Festival

Purify deep seated Poisons from your consciousness that cause scarcity & receive the gift of 28 transcendental treasures for a life of true abundance.

World Peace Festival

Over a million people meditate together from 100 nations of the world for world peace.

Enlightenment Festival

Experience the ultimate human potential at Ekam, celebrate & honour the true spirit of enlightenment or awakening.


Here meditation is a happening. Transcendence is a happening. Mental peace is a happening. Here grace overpowers fate.


2 day online experience of wisdom & meditation lead by Preethaji to take you beyond limitations and lift you above obstacles that keep you stuck towards a great destiny.


Awaken to the power to change self and society. Love yourself and another. Explode with creativity and joy. Go past limitations and explore new dimensions in consciousness. Birth A New You!

beautiful state

Experience peace with yourself, harmony with the other and amity at work. Simple meditations, scientific understanding, transforming insights and loving community.


A meditative experience to releasing stress from body & mind. A unique combination of ancient methodology and modern wisdom.

& Abundance

Live effortlessly, Love effortlessly, Acheive Effortlessly. Awaken to the power of consciousness.