Enlightenment Festival


Experience the ultimate human potential at Ekam, celebrate & honour the true spirit of enlightenment or awakening

Dec 3 to Dec 9, 2019 (For international Seekers)
Dec 15 to Dec 21, 2019 (For Indian Seekers)

Total enlightenment is a celebration of existence itself. Birth and death, sickness and health, feeling lost and being found, separation and love, all are a celebration to an Awakened One. Samsara or the movement of life as perceived through the veil of ignorance is pain. But when the veil of maya or illusion falls all existence is blissful. You are the dancer celebrating the movement of life. You are the dance too.

Our journey to enlightenment takes us through the rainbow hues of many states of awakening. Let us get together and honour the true spirit of enlightenment or awakening; join us in the celebration. Let us experience and celebrate the ultimate human potential at Ekam. Let us walk, sing, dance, share and awaken to the mystic states of enlightenment.

Join us in impacting world consciousness.

Ananda – State of Bliss

Ananda is derived from the root word Aa.. which means from all sides. Nanda means joy. It is a spiritual state of being in which joy pours into you from all sides. Every experience of life feels blissful. Seeing, listening, talking, walking, solitude, relating – every experience is tinted with the quality of bliss. Your consciousness is like sponge that soaks up bliss from the universe.

Maha Karuna – State of Great Compassion

Maha Karuna means the great quivering of the heart to a being’s pain. In this state of consciousness there arises a natural urge to end suffering- either of yourself or of another. You gaze deeply into the nature of all suffering and recognise the pain of all beings in your own heart and see your pain in all beings. You awaken to the oneness of all human experiences.


Sthitha Prajna means a state of unwavering wisdom. In this magnificent state of consciousness you are unperturbed by the movement of thought or the movement of life. You are an observer, a witness to the flow of life- neither averse to any experience nor craving to hold on to any experience. You are in a state of equanimity.


TatTvamAsi means You are That. It is a glorious state of non-dual consciousness in which you go beyond body identification, mind identification and past identification. You go beyond all limiting mind projected definitions, to a state of being one. You are the tree. You are the sound of the bell that is heard across the valley. You are the footstep. You are the wind that blows over the waves. You are all.


Aham Brahmasmin means I am the infinite, ever expanding source. This explosive enlightened state of consciousness is one in which the individual self realises its inseparability from the cosmic self or the ever expanding universal self. It is an enlightened state of consciousness in which you are all forms and the source behind all forms. You are the form and the formless. You are all existents and beyond all existence.

Dear Seeker,
Kindly read the following guidelines before registration.

  1. Ekam Enlightenment Festival is from 03rd December to 09th December 2019. You could arrive anytime on 02nd December and plan your departure before 4pm of 10th December 2019.
  2. Ekam Enlightenment Festival is for 7 days. Seekers will have to attend all 7 days. There is no option to participate for lesser number of days.
  3. We request you to plan and choose the campus you wish to stay and then make the payment, as there are no refunds and transfers possible once payment is done.
  4. Online registration is mandatory. There is no spot registration for this event at our campuses.
  5. Seekers will be receiving a confirmation mail once registered.
  6. Kindly bring the copy of the mail while coming to India for the festival.
  7. For further assistance and enquiry write to ekamfestivals@oo.academy