Stress Detox

A Meditative experience to releasing stress from Body & Mind.
A unique combination of ancient methodology and modern wisdom.

Lead by One Consciousness Trainers who are trained at O&O Academy – India,  Stress Detox is a 2 day workshop which offers an ancient and holistic approach to stress release.

Sociologists, Psychologists, Parents, Academicians, Scientists and Corporate Leaders – all worry about the growing epidemic of stress.

All around us statistics abound for the numerous manifests of stress as disease, depression, poor performance and suicide. Scientifically there are numerous descriptions of the hazards of stress.


But what about the solution?

Stress Detox is a phenomenal combination of ancient approach and a timeless methodology for dissolving stress from your body, from your mind & emotion and from your consciousness itself.

This is a meditative path to stress detox.