Where grace overpowers fate!

Ekam Kshetra is located 70 kms from the temple town of Tirupathi amidst the 500 million years old Velikonda range of mountains.

It’s a marvel made of marble and is built as a 3 dimensional Surya Yantra. Ekam Kshetra is constructed on the basis of centuries old mystic principles. For those who step into Ekam, divine grace is a palpable reality.

Ekam is a spiritual universe created by Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji for humanity’s enlightenment and for world peace. With the blessings of his parents Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, Sri Krishnaji started the creation of Ekam when he was only 19 years old.

Ekam means the ultimate non-dual state of consciousness that can be experienced in the human body. Ekam also means the one universal intelligence inherent in all life.

Thousands of seekers travel to Ekam every year being inspired by other worldly visions of Ekam they had in their dreams and meditations.

As you set foot on the ground of Ekam for darshan, you gaze at the Amrutha Kalasha and take a sankalpa.

You come into the sanctum of Ekam through 4 sacred entrances each representing – Artha or wealth , Kama or fulfilment of desire, Dharma or Righteous action and Mukti or Enlightenment. Praying for the fulfillment of the 4 fold pursuits of life, you step into the Ekam sanctum.

The moola virat or the divine form worshipped in the sanctum of EKam is the Hiranya Garbha. Hiranya garbha is the primal form revealed in the rigveda to the sages as the cosmic egg form which – space, time, consciousness, the physical universe & the gods have all emerged. Ekam kshetra is the only temple in the world dedicated to the worship of this primal form of the divine.

The Hiranya Garbha is seated at the heart of a massive Sri Chakra mandala. In the Ekam darshan you participate in the ceremonious waving of the lamps from all 8 directions.

After the deeksha is the Maha Naivedya Bhogam and the concluding aarati again from the 8 directions. You leave Ekam sanctum feeling protected, blessed and vowing to come back again with your loved ones.

Beginning 31st October 2021 – every Sunday morning 10.30 am till 12.00 noon is Ekam darshan.

Even though Ekam darshan is free for all, registration before hand is compulsory.
Wearing a mask throughout the ceremony is mandatory.
Only people between 10 years to 60 years of age are allowed.
Social distancing has to be followed for greater good.

For more details,
Send Whatsapp text us on 7660041008 .

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