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Being Limitless – Mexico

2-day online Experience of Wisdom & Meditation lead by Preethaji to take you beyond  the limitations and lift you above obstacles that keep you stuck towards a great destiny.

If you want to know how to enter a field of synchronicities, then we invite you to come to the Being Limitless meditation retreat .


Being limitless is a magical journey where you discover the incredible power of consciousness over challenging life situations.

  • A powerful inner state can take you distances in life that the tools and strategies do not.
  • A powerful state can take you towards your external goals and achievements at accelerated pace.
  • A powerful state can lift you above obstacles and hindrances that keep you stuck.

The journey:

In this journey, you move from your limited mind, limited self and a limited life to a limitless being and living.

Limitlessness is not an attitude nor is it a state of emotional high. It is an awakened State of Consciousness.

Here you will learn the secret to the four states of consciousness that free you from limited habitual ways of thinking and being and expand you into living a limitless life.

There is increasing research today that shows , when we are not focused on a task consciously our brain switches into the default network mode; A set of neural connection that fire-away essentially leaving you in habitual thinking. When parts of the DMN is hyper active, you are lost in routine, mechanical thoughts about the same issue over and over again.

Think for a moment..

What is your habitual state? And where does your habitual thinking lead you to?
Is it irritation, frustration, anxiety or stress?

In the Being Limitless Meditation retreat you will learn meditations and principles that will calm your brain stress responses. That will reduce the activity of the brain’s default network.

In essence you will move away from Stressful States to Beautiful States where joy creativity, love become effortless.

09 November
Saturday at 9:00 am - 7:00 pm



Being Limitless Mexico


Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center

Puente Xoco s/n, Xoco
Mexico City, Ciudad de México 03330 Mexico

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