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OCAC – Level 2

A radically life transforming and magical journey into Abundance,
Transformation, Transcendence and Oneness

One Consciousness Achievers Circle is a spiritual offering like never before and a unique coming together of the Power of Source with the Power of One Consciousness. You dive into deep mystic processes that will dissolve the neural connections that keep you chained to suffering states.

Through the Limitless field meditation you will awaken to states of One Consciousness – where your sense of self expands progressively until you become limitless and infinite.

4 attainments accross 6 levels:

You awaken to wealth consciousness and become a Conscious Creator, manifesting synchronicities, creating wealth and enjoying every aspect of abundance.
You become a Change Maker, transforming your relationships and manifesting great leadership. Your presence acquires the power to heal and transform the lives of others and you impact the web of life.
You become a Mystic. Transcending suffering you see through the illusion of separation.
You become a Philosopher Teacher established in a state of Oneness with all life. Equipped with wisdom and living in One Consciousness, you become a guiding light for the world.

Your Experience at One Consciousness Acheivers Circle:

You will lock into the Source or the Divine and experience immeasurable blessings and bounty.
You will awaken to the unlimited potential of consciousness and experience transformative states of being.
Your journey will culminate in the most profound experience of Oneness: a pinnacle state of spiritual evolution.
As you get established in the state of Oneness, impossibilities become realities, you move from existence to living and life overflows with abundance.
You will meditate and receive Deeksha from the Golden Orb at the sacred Oneness Field. This initiates a neurobiological shift to transcend lower states of ‘i-consciousness’ into higher states of ‘One Consciousness’.
You will receive the gift of direct interactions and sacred meditations with the founders of O&O Academy.

12 March
Thursday at 9:00 am - 5:00 pm



O&O Academy


Campus 5

Golden City 2, NH5 Chilamattur Post
Bathallavallam, Andhra Pradesh 517541 India

  • Phone:
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