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OCBC – Level 3

Intimate spiritual learning for businesss leaders & budding entrepreuners for being in the flow as you create wealth,
mentor teams & celebrate relationships with inner effortlessness


The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS BUSINESS CIRCLE is a consciousness approach to enlightened wealth creation and entrepreneurship.

It is an inner adventure of awakening to numerous dimensions in consciousness through which, you emerge into what we call, a Buddha driving a Benz.

There are two ways to success and greatness in life whether it is about becoming a successful entrepreneur or a loving partner or a great parent.

The ancients described it with an allegory of two birds sitting on the branch of a tree. One of them hops from one branch to the other, making screeching noises and rejecting the various bitter fruits and looking out constantly for sweet fruits of the tree; while the other bird sits with a remarkable sense of calm. The small bird refers to the limited mind and the limited self we live from. Our chattering mind is filled with anxiety , disappointments and is driven from a state of comparison . It perpetually oscillates between the past and the future taking us on a roller coster of emotional ups and downs.

Most humanity live, relate and try achieve from this state. that’s why life feels so hard

The big bird refers to the power of consciousness- the power of an unperturbed state- undisturbed by failures and craving for successes. In this beautiful state of consciousness you are in the present- experiencing deep power to impact the flow of life. In this powerful state of consciousness you are aligned to the infinite intelligence of the universe. Synchronicities and magical coincidences begin to spontaneously occur around you speeding you on your life’s journey.
One Consciousness Business circle is about harnessing the power of consciousness in leading one’s life towards greater achievements, building enduring relationships and creating massive impact.



13 November
Wednesday at 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



O&O Academy


Campus 3

Campus-3 Tada waterfalls road, varadaiahpalem mandal Post govardhanapuram
Kallivettu, Andhra Pradesh 517541 India

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