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Over a million people come together from 100 nations of the world for world peace

Glimpses of Ekam World Peace Festival – 2019

Ekam world peace festival is not social activism, its a movement in consciousness towards peace.

Ekam World Peace Festival is not a war against violence; it is a shift every individual has to make from conflict and division towards inner peace.

Ekam World Peace Festival is not about changing the other or changing society, it is a journey of individual transformation. A peaceful human being is a gift to his/her family, a powerful force for good in the world.

As you awaken to peace consciousness, you become empowered to heal your intimate relationships. You become a loving parent, a connected partner, compassionate and understanding child to your parents. You become awakened to all these aspects in your close relationships.

You become a peaceful leader, a peaceful business entrepreneur or a peaceful social activist who will nurture a culture of cooperation and co-existence within the hearts of your employees, colleagues, your team mates and everyone who is a part of your work-life.

You become a responsible citizen who cares for the society and the community that you are a part of and nurture peace within the hearts of those that you can impact and transform in your radius of life. Ultimately as a passionate peacemaker you will impact world consciousness and contribute to a beautiful planet.

Ekam is a mystic power house. Built on very sacred vastu principles and the ancient sacred geometry, this place is one of its kind. Ekam is built with a sacred intention to elevate humanity into enlightened states of consciousness and to accelerate world transformation. It is a powerful field where the individual becomes connected to cosmic consciousness or Universal Intelligence.

Here beautiful states are a happening. Transcendence is a happening. Awakening states or Mukti is a happening.

As multitudes of people sit in the sanctum of Ekam and participate in the ceremonies, the immense transformation in their consciousness is amplified and communicated across human consciousness. As a result of this, people in various peace energy points, people who are connecting to Ekam will be experiencing a massive shift in their consciousness thus fulfilling the vision of Preethaji & Krishnaji for world peace. This would manifest as greater kindness, greater harmony and greater order in our world.

Be a Force for Good

Our journey to become a peacemaker begins with ourselves. Are we living our lives in a state of peace – peace with ourselves, peace with our families, peace with the world of which we are a part?

As a Peacemaker, we would undergo a magical transformation in consciousness in our connection to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. O&O Academy would make this transformation possible for every peacemaker by nurturing them through the weekly online sessions.

A peacemaker also grows in consciousness by offering peace blessings to as many people as he/she can, touching and transforming their lives.

Peace Energy Points are gatherings of minimum of 23 people or more that create powerful fields that can have a ripple effect, potentially propelling humanity into a beautiful state of peace. The peace energy points would be in resonance with the power of Ekam and the cumulative impact would result in participants experiencing transcendental states of consciousness.

Creating a Peace Energy Point around your home would be the greatest service you could render to the people and society that are a part of your life.

You could sign up as a peacemaker (and also a peace energy point holder if you have a space to host 23 people and create a peace energy point) below by filling up the form.

If you have already filled this form in the Ekam Peace Energy Point Holder Page, you are signed in. If not please go ahead and register yourself for this incredible opportunity of Becoming An Ekam Peacemaker.

Individual consciousness and world consciousness are not separate. What happens to the world will affect the individual & what happens to the individual affects the world. Individual and the world are not separate in consciousness.

During the EKAM World Peace Festival – Ekam radiates infinite grace, blessing everyone who sets foot on Ekam and radiates cosmic energy for the peace in the world.

During the Ekam World Peace Festival, special Deekshas & Processes – called Dasha Shanti Siddhi will be held along with everyday ceremonies – Siddhis & Upasanas.

Dasha-Shanti Siddhis are special ceremonies where each day is dedicated for a specific intention to bring forth peace in various facets of the world. For every intention taken, the holder will be blessed with a unique blessing for themselves.

Dasha Shanti Siddhis:

September 12th
For Greater harmony in the world & Ending of all war.

September 13th
For Sensitivity towards children & Violence against children to cease.

September 14th
For Sacredness towards nature & Violence against nature to cease.

September 15th
For Calm in young people & Violence in the minds of young people to cease.

September 16th
For greater religious harmony & Religious intolerance to cease.

September 17th
For recognising the common humanity in us all & Racial discrimination to cease.

September 18th
For compassion towards animal & Cruelty against animals to cease.

September 19th
For families to become Peaceful & Domestic violence to cease.

September 20th
For Sufficiency and Abundance for all & Economic exploitation to cease.

September 21st
For respect towards Women & Violence against women to cease.

September 22nd
Peace meditation for collective evolution of humanity towards a peaceful future.

Ekam would act as the mother ship and peace energy points would serve as satellite ship for this noble purpose.

These ceremonies would be streamed from Ekam for the peacemakers across the globe. On the final day September 22nd , over a million people would gather at the various Peace Energy Points across the world and meditate for world peace.

We invite you to come & take part in these powerful processes contributing to World Peace!

The Schedule:

Peacemakers from across the globe can join at 6.30 PM -7.30 PM IST online (Sep 12 to 21).

You will be joining us in this time zone everyday.

On the last day – Sep 22nd, you will join us for the celebration from the peace energy points at 12.30 PM IST / 4.00 PM IST / 10.00 PM IST

Peacemakers on campus – your schedule begins in morning and culminates in peace ceremonies in Ekam Sanctum.