A School for Transformation

O&O Academy

About Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan

Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan founded Oneness as a spiritual movement in the year 1989. Their vision is to help humanity become free of the illusion of separation and establish it in a state of Oneness. For they believe that the state of Oneness is the panacea for all the ills of the world.

People pray to them for miracles in their personal lives and to experience enlightened states of consciousness. Innumerable experiences abound of their manifesting in their spiritual form to their devotees.

About Preethaji & Krishnaji

In 2009 Krishnaji & Preethaji started One World Academy, a philosophy and meditation School for transformation of consciousness. They are Philosopher sages whose vision is to free individuals of all forms of unhappiness and awaken the individual to the true potential of a transformed consciousness. Their teachings challenge every justification for living in sorrow and inner isolation. They push you beyond unconscious psychological conformity and educate you to set yourself free.

Krishnaji & Preethaji have been appointed as the new leaders to the world Oneness community by Sri Amma Bhagavan. Currently they are engaged in guiding and inspiring the community of faculty and trainers. They are architecturing a revolutionary curriculum for the O&O Academy courses.