Learning With O&O Faculty


Namasthe and warm greetings from O&O Academy!

We wish you a beautiful life of limitlessness both inside and outside. To ensure continued learning and a life of synchronicities, we bring to you online Global Learning with O&O Faculty. Every month, O&O’s community of seekers, students, leaders and thinkers from across the world will gather for an hour of joyful learning, growing and sharing. These sessions will be power packed with wisdom, meditation, and practices for a beautiful state of being.

It will be your hour to grow, to be empowered and to contribute. As a special invite, you can also bring your friend or a family member along to the call.

It is a special time to get together, let us have an exciting time of interaction, inquisitiveness, meditation, and joyful togetherness.

Please find below the links to join Global Call for October.