Abundance Festival


Purify deep seated Poisons from your consciousness that cause scarcity & receive the gift of 28 transcendental treasures for a life of true abundance

Ekam Abundance Festival will be a celebration of transformation & transcendence, a celebration of connection between individual consciousness & universal consciousness or the divine presence, a triumph of truth over untruth, a triumph of light over darkness.

Ekam Abundance Festival is a gift like no other in the world. it is entering into the world of the miraculous. It is an everyday awakening into the magical & transcendental.

Come and experience the magic of  The Happening.

The Ekam Abundance Festival would bring you the gift of seven incredible sacred treasures in your life.

  • Transcendental Luck
  • Transcendental Longevity
  • Transcendental Partner
  • Transcendental Intuition
  • Transcendental Vision
  • Transcendental Fame
  • Transcendental Blessing from anscestors

Dear Seeker,

Kindly read the following guidelines before registration.

  1. Ekam Abundance Festival is from __________ to __________ 2020. You could arrive anytime on __________ and plan your departure after 7pm of __________ .
  2. Ekam Abundance Festival is for 7 days. Seekers will have to attend all 7 days. There is no option to participate for lesser number of days.
  3. We request you to plan and choose the campus you wish to stay and then make the payment, as there are no refunds and transfers possible once payment is done.
  4. Online registration is mandatory. There is no spot registration for this event at our campuses.
  5. Seekers will be receiving a confirmation mail once registered.
  6. Kindly bring the copy of the mail while coming to India for the festival.
  7. For further assistance and enquiry write to ekamfestivals@oo.academy