Thank you for participating in Preethaji’s special process for wealth and abundance.
After going through this incredibly powerful process, your consciousness has and will continue to open up to greater abundance.
Sending you here a synopsis of what you learnt from Preethaji.

To Preethaji and Krishnaji wealth is energy; wealth is consciousness.

Wealth is a being that has to be respected and properly directed towards the various visions that you hold in life.


We have all gone through cycles of growth and fall.
These cycles that repeat in an individual’s life is called karmic cycles.
Every seed/beeja, that you sow in this field of consciousness comes back to you as consequences.
To Preethaji and Krishnaji, Karma starts way before an action is performed. It begins as a state of consciousness. An action is only a manifestation of an inner state.

Your suffering states are precipitating as negative events and situations causing further indulgence in suffering states that again precipitate as negative events thus your karmic cycle goes on and on.

When you dissolve those suffering states and awaken to beautiful states in consciousness, the old cycle ends because the Bheeja has died within you and you enter what is called a Ritha (a new cosmic order, a natural cycle that every system, every aspect of nature that emerges when you enter a beautiful state.)
Ancient Indians personified wealth in 2 forms- Kubera and Lakshmi.

The wealth you generate from kubera state of consciousness, will be negative karmic money, as you have made it by causing destruction to environment and harm to people. Such money will leave you painfully.

If you generate wealth from Lakshmi consciousness, which is from a connected consciousness, such money will cause joy to you.
Your core purpose in reality must be to make the lives of people better through whichever profession or business you may choose.

Wishing you a beautiful life filled with abundance.


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Date & Timings :

July 25 – 06:00 PM to 09:30 PM CEST

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