One Consciousness Business Courses

Intimate spiritual learning for business leaders & budding entrepreneur for being in the flow as you create wealth,
mentor teams & celebrate relationships with inner effortlessness

One Consciousness Business Courses

One Consciousness Business courses lead you towards business genius through powerful states of consciousness. In the words of Krishnaji it is about transforming you into Buddhas driving a Benz with your loved ones.

We offer three business courses year around at our campus in India to emerge into – Fearless entrepreneurs, heart centric entrepreneurs & Intuitive entrepreneurs

Intuitive entrepreneur course (2 levels)

An intuitive entrepreneur is a rare wealth creator who is awakened to transcendent intuition. They build their businesses with the power of mystic states of Consciousness.

Intuitive entrepreneurs rise beyond chaotic and conflicted thinking to being in the flow. Being in a dynamic flow with universe, they break through obstacles to create abundance. Their businesses nurture universal wellbeing.

As you join these courses you master the art of creating wealth from the power of consciousness. It is a journey from effort and strife to magic and harmony.

Intuitive entrepreneur is a two level journey- primary and advanced level. You can take both levels one after the other in a sequence or with a gap.

One Consciousness Business Courses Dates (2020 – 2021) Details & Registration
Intuitive Entrepreneur 1
June 23rd to June  29th’2020 Details & Registration
Intuitive Entrepreneur 2
June 30th to July  06th’2020 Details & Registration
Intuitive Entrepreneur 1
November 18th to November 24th ‘2020 Details & Registration
Intuitive Entrepreneur 2
November 25th to December 1st ‘2020 Details & Registration


Campus Guidelines and Travel Information * All participants are requested to arrive a day before the course starting date You can join level 1 of Fearless Entrepreneur or Heart centric Entrepreneur or Intuitive Entrepreneur course… OCBC is not a journey, but it is 3 independent courses

Fearless entrepreneur course (2 levels)

A fearless entrepreneur leads his or her business with the power of a quiet mind that allows the universal intelligence to flow through.

A fearless entrepreneur is not one among the flock of countless entrepreneurs who lead their businesses from anxiety for tomorrows and regret over yesterdays. They stand different. Their power to stay and rise comes from being in the Now.

Heart centric entrepreneur course ( 2 levels)

A heart centric entrepreneur is awakened to the intelligence of the heart. In them is the rare intelligence of the fusion of the head and the heart.
They are awakened to the true purpose of their life. They lead their teams from a beautiful state of connection. Their organizational culture vibrates with a state of connection and authentic cooperation. A heart centric entrepreneur belongs to a new generation of business leaders who sustain an ecosystem of nurture and symbiosis.