Awaken the world to a beautiful state

Be a part of a global community of 1000 high potential spiritual influences, who will collectively accelerate a global shift in consciousness to make this planet a better place for all forms of life.

Being a transformer is to ignite, nurture and harness individuals with spiritual inclination and leadership potential, so they can together with you help humanity shift from i- consciousness to One-consciousness.

You are about to enter the first level of transformers training where you will be trained into leading  2 day workshop ‘The Beautiful State’.

This 2 day workshop will both serve as an introductory course for their journey into O&O Academy and a preparatory course for ‘S&S, Being Limitless’ and  or ‘FOA’.

Again your future learning into further training will continue on an invite only basis.

During the training and later, you will have the unique opportunity of defining core problems if your organisations or society, find solutions and receive guidance for implementation with the help of the founders. The teachers will hand-hold you on this path as guided by the founders.

You are part of a platform where ideas and feedback are shared and refined with your peers. There is a healthy dialogue between the community of the transformers and the academy.


You need to pro-actively learn and share the wisdom you learn in your training with the world through online and off-line events.

You need to transform the people you come across into passionate seekers who will want to move away from i-consciousness to one-consciousness.

You will set them on the course of learning – Give them the graph by supporting them at every level of their evolution and encouraging them to move to the next level.

You will organise events, groups and platforms for the founders, their team of teachers and your fellow transformers.

Above all you will be a seeker diligent in your practice – aware of moments you move into i-consciousness, passionately apply the teachings, meditate and move into one-consciousness.

It is only living in one-consciousness that will make you into a transformer. Remember, a transformer is not merely a title, it is a state of consciousness and a dedication to the vision of world transformation.

1.You should have completed  OCBC Life Knower 2 Course at O&O Academy.

2. You should go through the 10 day, OCT courses at O&O Academy.

3. You should be dedicated to putting in intense amount of  efforts for learning the teachings, skill and allied information in the span of 10 days of the training. If the faculty at the academy feel you need more training before you are certified to conduct, you should be willing to either stay longer on the campus or come for further on-line learning with the faculty.

4. You should meditate regularly, grow in your understanding of the teachings, cultivate compassion and humility which are very necessary in your role as an OCT.

5. You should follow certain code of conduct as guided by O&O Academy.

After the One Consciousness Transformers Course

You will have 3 broad options:

a. You go out as OCTs and lead these stress detox course at your home for friends and neighbours, at your work place or at the local schools, universities, corporates, yoga studios, fitness centres, spiritual centres etc.

b. If you already have an organisation or centre of your own,  you could conduct the stress detox course.

c. As you progress in this path, you will choose to come for advanced and senior transformers course.

Importance of Living in a Beautiful State

“The Beautiful State” is a 2 day workshop lead by senior students of the academy who are specifically trained into One Consciousness Transformers. The Beautiful State dissolves the destructive patterns & forces of the unconscious over your life by awakening you to the power of Higher Consciousness.

In this workshop you will experience peace with yourself and a deep harmony with the other. You will also have an awakening to a greater purpose & amity at work.

Our scientifically developed practices coupled with insightful wisdom lessons & mystical processes initiate authentic shift in your consciousness.

You will take home simple, easy & powerful meditation practices to awaken you to the power of a Beautiful State. We also offer THE BEAUTIFUL STATE workshops for corporations & organisation.

Write to us if you are keen to organise our The Beautiful State workshop.

What is a beautiful state?

Let us ask ourselves a question and look for an honest answer within.

As a child what had been the most important thing we looked out for? – to play with friends … because it gave us such joy and happiness in doing so.

As a teen what has been the most important thing we looked out for?

– to be free, do whatever we like, eat what you want, hang out with friends … those things gave a sense of meaning to our life and made us happy.

As a responsible adult what has been the most important thing we looked for?

– to achieve something in life, earn name, fame and create wealth, … those things gave a sense of achievement and joy.

As we enter into a relationship, what has been the most important thing we looked out for?

– sharing, understanding, respect, love, connection … has been the focus.

As a responsible parent, what has been the most important thing we look out for?

– help your child grow into a world citizen, help them grow in attaining talents and skill for their future and survival.

Can we ask ourself now what is the most important thing to me now in life?

– our answer is directed to our external life.

Is merely attaining a perfect life the end to this story?

No. It is a sense of achievement of a perfect life which makes you feel good. In other words the climax of the our life’s story board that we look for is ‘to feel good’ through external successes and attainments.

In other words to feel good, To be in a nice state of being, to be in ‘A BEAUTIFUL STATE’ has been the focal point of entire human kind. (and it is believed that a perfect external life, perfect relationships, perfection of oneself will result in a beautiful inner state).

A beautiful state means a state of joy, a state of calm & peace, a state of love, a state of being fulfilled, a state of bliss, a state of ecstasy. In simple words you feel nice about everything. Whereas not so beautiful state means you feel bad, you feel not so nice about anything.

The biggest achievement for anyone is to move away from not so nice feeling to a nice feeling, from a not so beautiful state to a beautiful state.

Why do I need a beautiful state?

Though it is believed that a perfect life situation would result in a beautiful state but it is vice versa. Only when you learn to live and function from a beautiful state, only then a perfect life situation manifests. In other words … beautiful state is the only means to attain prosperity, sustainable success, good health, meaningful relationships and fulfilling achievements. The foundation for a beautiful life is a beautiful state of being.

How can I get into a beautiful state?

Always journey begins from where you are and not from where you want to be. This journey to discover and be established in a beautiful state begins with a recognition that you are not actually in a beautiful state and you bring attention to the various factors that put you in a not so beautiful state. Attaining this beautiful state is a science and you need to learn the art of attaining it. You need spiritual wisdom, meditations and deep spiritual processes to be established in a beautiful state. A blind no cannot show light to another blind. So do here, you need a master who live, function life from a beautiful state to carry you forward in this journey.

Where do I find a beautiful state?

Here is where o&o academy comes into your life. We have our founders who not only live in a beautiful state but are a source of a powerful phenomenon where you will break free of the shackles of suffering, you break free of your habitual way of the monotonous activity inside your head and your brain undergoes a powerful neuro biological shift as their state impacts your brain while you meditate in their limitless presence. You move from wilful effort to effortlessness in attaining this beautiful state. This is where O&O Academy makes the biggest contribution to humanity whereby you grow into a deep Presence, create synchronicities and impact life for greater good and create such richness and wholeness to life. This is all possible because of the result of the deep spiritual life experiences of our Founders that today the world has a definite path to a beautiful state of being. Merely meditating with them in their limitless presence, your journey into a beautiful state commences.

One Consciousness Transformers Course

Process Dates (2019 – 2020) Details & Registration
One Consciousness Transformers November 2nd to November 11th, 2019 Register Now
One Consciousness Transformers March 11th to March 20th, 2020 Register Now
One Consciousness Transformers July 6th to July 15th, 2020 Register Now

(Kindly read the agreement carefully before applying to become One Consciousness Trainers)

Transformers Course FAQ’s

You will be trained to lead a 2 day classical spiritual experience- The Beautiful StateYou will be trained to lead a 3 hour introductory event - The power of being.You will be trained to lead Deeksha or the Oneness blessing eveningsYou will be trained to lead meditation experiences.
  • Your training period will last a duration of 10 days in India, and regular online training from the Academy for a year after that. This is an ongoing learning in which you should definitely take part if you have to stay aligned with the ever-evolving trends and updates from the Academy.
  • Participants who are not committed to the training during their year long learning are requested to drop off. We say this because we set a very high standard for the One Consciousness Transformers. We also say this because we respect every individual who would sit in front of you with expectations of transforming their life
  • This is a vigorous training in the fields of Meditation, of Deeksha or the oneness blessing and the foundational principles of transformation.
  • It would require you to reflect in solitude , learn in groups and meditate and connect to the divine as a community.
  • You should have completed a minimum of Truth Knower Level 2 at the O&O Academy Campus in India
  • What we impart to you comes from 2 generations of founders sri Amma Bhagavan, as well as their son and daughter in law Krishnaji and Preethaji. This training is rooted in the wisdom drawn from a divine phenomenon as well as modern scientific understanding of brain and consciousness correlation. The trainers education is designed by Preethaji, co-founder of O&O Academy from the wealth of her wisdom and compassion
  • This training education will equip you to serve the transformation of the young and the old, of an absolute new entrant to spirituality as also a veteran. It will nourish all- from a busy single parent, to the college going student, to couples seeking greater love in life, to the seeker in quest of answers for fundamental questions.