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The Soul Sync Deepening Course is Preethaji’s gift to all those who seek to manifest abundance in their life through Awakening to the Power of One Consciousness. In this Course, you will learn liberative wisdom and gain direct experience wherein lies the key to manifesting a life of your fondest dreams and accessing expansive, transcendental states of consciousness.

People of all ages and all walks of life use the Soul Sync as part of their regular practice. The Soul Sync has brought about synchronicities in everyday life as well as in critical situations. Many times it has been used in mind-boggling ways leading to an unfolding of unbelievable magic, the Soul Sync has made dreams come true in an almost fairy tale manner.

Today it is being used widely by seekers to move into expanded states of ‘One Consciousness’, by students for better focus, by social activists to bring peace in communities prone to violence and by motivational gurus to take their students beyond motivation to living with a purpose.

This Course will take you step by step through the different stages of Soul Sync, so you too could start manifesting synchronicities and enjoy the benevolence as this Universe comes together to make your heartfelt intentions come true.


Along with this ‘The Soul Sync Deepening Course’, you will have access to –

  1. Soul Sync Meditation (Audio guided meditation recorded by Preethaji & Instrumental)
  2. Hush The Rush Meditations – (Audio Guided Meditation recorded by Preethaji)
    a) Brain Chisel – Train Your Brain
    b) Pace for Peace – A Practice for Stress Relief
    c) Weather Forecast – From Arguement to Inner Calm
  3. Power of Being – An hour Wisdom and Meditation Experience taught by Preethaji

AND a 150 USD /- Discount towards Field of Abundance – a 4 day retreat taught by Preethaji world wide. (NOTE: Only one discount can be applied at one time. For example if you are taking a early bird discount then this $149/- cant be applied)

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