New Year begins with intentions. Lets welcome 2019 with a difference.

Add the power of an expanded state of consciousness to your heartfelt intentions so you manifest synchronicities. It only takes 9 minutes.

Write down 3 intentions you want to manifest in 2019.

Soul Sync everyday during the Soul Sync Fest from Dec 27th to Jan 16th. Tune into the collective energies of scores of individuals who are soul syncing at the same time.

Remember only one intention at a time.

The best time of the day to soul sync is as soon as you wake up. However you can practice Soul Sync at any time of the day

In our empirical observation we have seen that intentions held during Soul Sync manifest 70% of times more than merely holding a positive thought.

For those who want to lead others:
1. You can teach Soul Sync to anyone at any time of the day. you can also teach it online.

2. You can either lead it yourself or forward the Soul Sync link.

3. If you are a Deeksha Giver you can give them Deeksha after the Soul Sync.

4. We recommend you lead group Soul Sync events throughout the festival either online or offline. Group Soul Syncs are known to have a powerful impact.


Happy Soul Sync Fest and a magnificent New Year ahead.

BONUS: Download The Great Soul Sync Practice & Receive 3 FREE audio guided meditations. Brain Chisel to train your brain, Pace for Peace – a practice for stress relief and Weather Forecast – to move to a state of inner calm. Apart from these 3 highly effective meditations, you will also receive an exclusive one-hour wisdom and meditation lesson – Power of Being, that will awaken you to the Power of Consciousness.

The Soul Sync is based on the work of O&O Academy and developed by Preethaji – Founder of O&O Academy.

The Benefits of Regularly Practicing Soul-Sync:

  • You experience more clarity in your thoughts and greater inner coherence
  •   You grow happier and more peaceful.
  •   You attract love and an abundance of positive experiences in life.
  •    You naturally create harmonious external situations.

Practicing Soul Sync is comparable to entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness, your intentions can be realized. AS a result, these positive manifestations create an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind.