To Be A

One Consciousness Trainers

Every authentic teacher is a student – learning while teaching, evolving while helping others evolve. Becoming enlightened while serving others on the path.

This is the foundational philosophy of the O&O Academy trainers education. If you have this deep gut feeling of “I want to be instrumental in the transformation of human Consciousness”, then the O&O Academy trainers education is for you.

Get clear about your intention:

  • Where is your passion. What do you think the world need the most ?
  • An awakening to love or an experience of the Divine.?
  • Greater awareness and mindfulness of themselves?
  • An unburdening of emotional heaviness and returning to calm and presence?
  • Or discovering passion and purpose at work?

Set aside some time for a quiet reflection of what it is you seek to learn to live and teach.

  • You will be trained to lead a two day classical spiritual experience – Stress Detox.
  • You will be trained to lead a 3 hour introductory event – The power of being.
  • You will be trained to lead Deeksha or the Oneness blessing evenings
  • You will be trained to lead meditation experiences.
  • Your training period will last a duration of 7 days in India, and regular online training from the Academy for a year after that. This is an ongoing learning in which you should definitely take part if you have to stay aligned with the ever-evolving trends and updates from the Academy.
  • Participants who are not committed to the training during their year long learning are requested to drop off. We say this because we set a very high standard for the One Consciousness Trainers. We also say this because we respect every individual who would sit in front of you with expectations of transforming their life
  • This is a vigorous training in the fields of Meditation, of Deeksha or the oneness blessing and the foundational principles of transformation.
  • It would require you to reflect in solitude , learn in groups and meditate and connect to the divine as a community.
  • You should have completed a minimum of progressive level of “Journey into Abundance” at the O&O Academy campus in India.
  • What we impart to you comes from 2 generations of founders sri Amma Bhagavan, as well as their son and daughter in law Krishnaji and Preethaji. This training is rooted in the wisdom drawn from a divine phenomenon as well as modern scientific understanding of brain and consciousness correlation. The trainers education is designed by Preethaji, co-founder of O&O Academy from the wealth of her wisdom and compassion
  • This training education will equip you to serve the transformation of the young and the old, of an absolute new entrant to spirituality as also a veteran. It will nourish all- from a busy single parent, to the college going student, to couples seeking greater love in life, to the seeker in quest of answers for fundamental questions.

Sacredness and support:

When you enter the training for becoming a One Consciousness Trainers you enter an ecosystem of deep compassion, profound wisdom and nurture, all created to serve and support you, not only during the courses but also after you have begun to teach.


One Consciousness Trainers

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One Consciousness Trainers 1st September to 7th September Register Now
One Consciousness Trainers 9th November to 15th November Register Now