Become a Transformed Leader

Welcome to a life lived in a beautiful state, rich relationships and great abundance. Welcome to the New you! The WYCM experience will awaken you to the power of Consciousness and the power of Source & open the doors to abundance in its 3 powerful forms – as Prosperity, as Love, as Flowering of Creativity.


Learn the cardinal wisdom principles of O&O Academy that would set the foundation for your inner journey. You will understand the significance of inner wellbeing and Its profound implications on outer success and abundance.

Discover the power of spiritual vision and begin your journey towards greater abundance and success in life.


Experience powerful meditations and spiritual processes that will help you break past your inner limitations and awaken to a profound sense of love and acceptance for yourself.


A disharmonious and warring relationship with oneself Is often one of the biggest impediments to success and abundance. When you struggle and fight with yourself, you live trying to prove or get approval from another. In the process, you lose self-confidence and become a highly conflicted individual.

Awaken to greater empathy and connection with the other. Open yourself to an expanded state of love.


So many tend to push themselves so hard to reach the top, that they become miserable and burnt out human beings by the time they reach the top. Such success stands on shaky foundations, for their own troubled inner state becomes the undoing of the beautiful results they create. If you are someone who aspires not only for an abundant external life, but also a fulfilled and joyful inner state, you must learn the art of sustainable success.

Learn the wisdom principles and meditation practices that are specially designed to awaken the Heart Leader within you.


Each of us is a product of the love, kindness and wisdom of so many other individuals. We are part of an inseparable web of life. The more we contribute to and nurture this web of life, the more abundance and success we manifest In life.

Immerse yourself In a deeply transformational process of awakening to your connection with the web of life and emerge as a Transformed Leader


Experience the magic of Limitless Field with Krishnaji. Enjoy the unique privilege of interacting and learning directly with the Founders of the Academy.

Upcoming Courses

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July 8 to July 14 Age 13-19 Change Makers – LVL 1              Register Now
Aug 1 to Aug 7 Age 20-28 Change Makers – LVL 1              Register Now