Become a Transformed Leader

The WYCM club offers you the opportunity to continue your learning with the academy to create great achievements by living and acting from a beautiful state of One-consciousness.

If you are passionate about your growth, kindly enrol below by filling the form.

For those of you who have a calling to be part of this incredibly great art of Change Making, by teaching this art of living in a beautiful state to youth in your neighbourhoods, schools and universities, clubs, community gatherings, we offer a training program to become Change makers.

To be a Change Maker is to participate in redirecting the story of the future of humanity through a revolution in consciousness. For without an inner revolution the world would remain fragmented, divided and unhappy. And the problems in the world will only continue to multiply. It is time we change this. Change makers would be catalysts for this evolution.

A Change Maker is one who will be part of the great dialogue of the fusion of survival with living, of intellect with feeling, of information with wisdom, of science with spirituality, and of compassion with practicality.

If you are willing to learn and evolve so you could offer this education and Contribute to a better world, kindly enrol below by filling the form.