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The Great Art of Changemaking
Chance Makers redirect the story of the future of humanity through a revolution in consciousness. For without an inner revolution the world would be more fragmented, more divided and unhappy. And the problems in the world will only continue to multiply. It is time we change this. Multitudes of transformed youth would be catalysts for this change.
Change Maker, is one who will be part of the great dialogue of the fusion of survival with living, of intellect with feeling, of information with wisdom, of science with spirituality, and of compassion with practicality.
The WYCM club offers you the opportunity to continue your learning with the academy, so you evolve into a Change Maker who will impact your world by living and acting from a beautiful state of One-consciousness.
For those of you who have a calling to be part of this incredibly great art of Change Making, by living in beautiful states of consciousness, by creating a teaching this art of living in a beautiful state to youth in your neighborhoods, schools and universities, clubs, community gatherings, we offer a training program.

The Learners World

A radical life transformation

Elevate your level of success
My name is Ajay. For the last few years, I had been engulfed in a state of constant stress and anxiety as my life had been filled with extreme struggles and challenges on both personal and professional fronts. I thanked myself several times for making the right choice of attending the WYCM workshop.

The wisdom, teachings and meditation practices taught in the course have been extremely beneficial. The most important of them being the realization of the extent to which I had become disconnected within myself and the way I had completely lost myself in these challenges. Life had started to become more and more challenging as I kept living in a state of desperation.

During the class, as I reflected on myself and looked at my truth, I felt an expanse in my consciousness. Felt immense peace within me. I had a deep sense of connection with myself. This experience has left me with a powerful transformation within me. My outlook towards life changed.

As a result, I experienced a synchronicity in the external world. Magically I received a dream job opportunity which I had been yearning to get into since the last 7 years within few hours.

My fears and desperations have started to cease. My relationships with my family & friends has begun to improve as my relationship with myself improved. The way I perceive and face life’s challenges now has also begun to change and I am now able to handle the situations from a state of greater awareness, calm and intelligence. Opportunities knock my door manifesting my deep desires into reality, and I have started to find a new meaning and purpose to life inspired by the great vision of the O&O academy.

Finding myself - a path to a beautiful life
I am Shilpa. I was doing my medicine 3rd year when I first visited the academy for a course. I was in a very bad mental state then.

My 2nd year final exam results pushed me into suffering as the percentage fell much behind my expectation. This suffering turned into depression very soon. Several times I attempted to commit suicide but somehow I would always get saved. Fearing what I would do to myself one of my parents would always accompany me wherever I went. I attended the regular classes at my college as there was no option left but I was totally dead from within. Thoughts like- ‘ Can I cope up with my studies? Did i choose the right path? Should I have to quit?’ were bothering me a lot.

While in my miserable internal state, I participated in the WYCM course. Step by step the teachings helped me get in touch with myself. The first thing I realised was that I lived my life in a suffering state & it is not my external situations that needs to transform but rather it is my inner state. The class on self images helped me see the root of my suffering. As I saw the truth, loads of suffering that I carried for the last 11 months completely dissolved. I was a transformed person now. I was filled with great passion to pursue my education.

During the next break, when I met my mother, the first thing I told my mother was – Mom, I am going to continue my medicine and I am going to do my Ph.d. Seeing me out of depression, happy, clear in my thinking and my determination my mom had tears in her eyes.

Later I overheard my mom talking to my dad over the phone at the campus. She was weeping uncontrollably. She said- ” The joy I had when our first child was born, it’s the same joy I have seeing our daughter come back…”

I was very grateful to the academy for I found myself at last. It came into my life at the time I needed the most. Even to this day, I continue to live in a beautiful inner state. And when challenges do come, I take the help of the wisdom and the meditation practices to move into a inner state of calm. The right course of action gets revealed to me naturally.

Ignite passion in life
Hi, I am Anup. I am glad to be sharing my experience at the WYCM.

From many years, I’m suffering from Anemia. Heomoglobin % is only 4.8.
Also I’m suffering from Dyspnea. If I walk a little longer distance, I can’t breathe easily. I can stand for only 10-15mins, that’s all. After that, either I should lie down or sit. My health condition was worse.

In one of the classes, the faculty taught principle of Spiritual connection. I closed my eyes and was connecting to everyone within me. All of a sudden, I connected to my own self; my body. I felt how my body was feeling.

Strange it might sound, my body was hurt with me. It spoke to me.

Normally, if anyone hurts me, I would skip that day’s dinner. If they hurt me more, I would skip that day’s dinner and breakfast, If they hurt me even more, I would skip all 3 meals and I won’t sleep either. I had not cared for my body.

During the process, the consciousness of my body spoke to me – ‘ this is how you treated me but still I kept you alive. I was and will take care of you. You too take care of me.” It was a very powerful experience. I promised not to hurt any more.

The best part is, on the last day of the course, we were taken for trekking. Though I walked for 2 hours, I did not experience any pain in my back or knees. Until this day, I have no pains. My body healed completely. I am passionate to live happy, healthy and wise.

I am Srinu. completed my 12th grade with great difficulty. I was least interested in studying, hence discontinued after this. My father is a bank manager. Coming from a very prestigious family, there was lot of pressure on me to be well qualified. I was too frustrated. I felt rejected. unwanted. Fell into bad company and learnt all the bad habits. Would spend the entire evening drinking and gambling with my friends, returned home at 1 early in the morning. Would wake up at 11am. Any money I found I would spend on alcohol. Since we were popular in our town, people would complain to my parents every alternate days seeing me on the roads. So the fights and arguements also increased in our house.

My parents were worried about me. I was feeling helpless & hopeless with myself and my life. I accidentally happened to attend the 3 day course with my friends and that really changed me from my roots.

After returning from the academy, I gave up my addictions. I stopped hurting my parents, instead began to help them with their works. With my dad’s help I opened a fancy bags show room. All the income that I am getting through this business I am giving it to my dad as I feel I have wasted huge amounts of his money in the past.

Today I am living a very dignified life in my town. Have got back my self respect. Awakening to responsibility, loving my family makes me respect myself.

Healing hurts with parents
I am Jack. Let me tell you about myself a little. Life to me was just friends, fun , entertainment and nothing more. But what true love and connection is, I got to experience only at the academy and that is what has transformed me as a person.

Everything seemed totally different as I was very new to the place. I had my eye-opening moment on the second day, the breakthrough of my life.

Even as I sat reflecting on my relationship with my parents I felt very uneasy. If there was one thing in my life which I would never think of then it was my father. My father had abandoned me when I was just 6 years old. I grew up with my mother.

In the process, I realised how hating my father, I had become like my father. I have not loved deeply or felt for anyone strongly. I had made thousands of weak ties on the internet but sadly not a single strong tie existed in my life. I felt lonely and this realisation was my first shift.

During the process, I felt my heart heals and grow soft. It was like the gently love of a mother enveloped my heart melting the hardness I developed in my heart. Suddenly I had a vision of both my parents and myself, as a 4 year old kid sitting at the dining table. I felt a kind of love inside my heart. I never remembered these moments with both my parents. Reminiscing that moment brought me closer to my father in my feelings. I felt strangely at ease thinking of my father. The harshness, the hurt I have been building is gone.

As I turned on my mobile after the class, I see a missed call from my mother. It was very strange as she never calls me.

She said, my father had somehow traced out our number and had called her up after 15 years. He had enquired about me. He even shared a photograph with my mom that she forwarded to me.

I had tears looking at the picture. It was exactly the same kind of vision that I had seen in the process.

My awakening to connection impacted my father miles away and got him back to us.

With this one exp, my heart that carried hurt since my childhood making me incapable of any true feelings has healed fully. I feel a sense of great strength from within. And I know I can achieve many things in life now.

Teachers: The Changemakers Courses are taught by the faculty members who are guided by Krishnaji and Preethaji. They live a life of dedication and service to humanity.

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O&O Academy – Campus 3

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Golden Shelters Pvt Ltd  offer One Consciousness Awakening Circle Courses for O&O Academy. When you click registration link, you will be taken to our registration form and to the registration page.

One Consciousness Awakening Circle Courses are a marriage between effort and happening. Your effort goes as far as absorbing the teaching the teachers share with you, holding the insights and observing your inner truth. That is it.

Deep mystical processes will dissolve the neural connections that keep you chained to suffering. Powerful deekshas at Ekam will push you into God realization. And the Limitless Filed meditation will open your consciousness to enlightened states of being by activating the mystic Brahma Garba. Therefore awakening is both an attainment and a gift. It cannot be otherwise.

A portion of the course fees directly supports One Humanity Care. One Humanity Care is a charitable foundation created by Krishnaji and Preethaji, the Founders of O&O Academy with the blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan to serve the needy in rural India.

OHC cares for the needs of over 1000 villages around O&O Academy Campuses.


O&O Academy campus is an experience in itself and the perfect setting in which to discover freedom within. Serene stillness, born from meditation, is palpable as one sets foot into this oasis of radiant spirituality.

We believe that comfort is essential to the experience, so what you will find at our campuses is very comfortable for stay – be it in our AC dormitory in Campus 5 or in our standard / executive rooms at campus 3.  More luxurious suites are available if you prefer a higher level of privacy.

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A portion of the course fees directly supports One Humanity Care. One Humanity Care is a charitable foundation created by Krishnaji & Preethaji, the Founders of O&O Academy to serve the needy in rural India.

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“Our Vision is a total revolution in consciousness from I-Consciousness to One-Consciousness. From a Suffering state to a Beautiful state. From Self preoccupation to Connection. From Division to Being One.”


"We have been privileged to experience the Oneness Blessings and teachings of ‘Oneness’, which have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be united with all. We have always been on a spiritual path and the Oneness Blessings and teachings have heightened that experience. We are truly grateful.”
Hugh Jackman
Actor, Producer, Muscian
The Oneness Blessing gives us the opportunity to connect to that which we long for, our Higher Self, giving us the ability to experience peace and guidance and to fulfill our life’s purpose.
Donna Karan
Fashion Designer
"Every human being deserves to be in this state. To operate, live, and experience from a beautiful, happy, pure, and joyful loving state."
Praveen Kenneth
Founder/Chairman, Elohim and Kenneth Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
"I realised my attachment to my identities is at the heart of my suffering. I have experienced deep freedom, self love and self compassion this week. That these states are possible is hugely uplifting and confidence building."
Mike Novogratz
Principal & Director , Fortress Investment Group
This has helped me realize that life doesn't change just by changing one's stories. One needs to figure out what is really the truth behind the issues of our life in order to address them.
Ari Emanuel
Co-CEO of WME-IMG, Owner of UFC
"A process like this would take you to a place where you can address, chaos and craziness with greater equanimity and when you do that, you make better business decisions."
Casey Sheahan
CEO Patagonia Inc., 2005 - 2014